1.0 Performance Requirements

Vertical drainage sheets know as geocomposite drainage board (drainboard) are placed between the back of concrete retaining walls and/or soil nail walls and the retained soil. the drainboard channels water away from the back of the walls to relieve hydro-static pressure that can damage the wall.

The drainage system shall consist of a drainage collector (1) and a retainer ring (2) that attaches to the drainboard (3) to collect and discharge water that flows into the drainboard. A PVC pipe shall be attached to the drainage collector to carry water through the concrete facing. The drainage collector and retainer shall channel water in the drainboard from an area greater than the diameter of the drainage pipe to increase drainage capacity. The drainage collector and the retainer ring are glued together using All Purpose Cement (suitable for both PVC and ABS plastic). Similarly, the PVC pipe and the drainage collector are glued together with All Purpose Cement.

2.0 Product Material

ABS Plastic (ASTM D4673-02)

3.0 Approved Product

Manufactured by The DrainGreat Company, LLC

Greenville, SC 29615

Installation Instructions

  1. Form a 4-inch round hole in the geocomposite drainage board (drainboard).
  2. Insert drainage collector through 4-inch hole from back of drainboard, extending through to front of drainboard.
  3. Place All-Purpose Cement (suitable for both PVC and ABS plastic) on the portion of drainage collector that extends through drainboard and attach retainer ring. Hand squeese retainer ring to drainage collector to form a seal with drain board until cement sets (about 10 seconds)
  4. Place All-Purpose Cement on inside of portion of drainage collector that extends through drainboard and attach 3 inch diameter PVC pipe (not included).